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Stay tuned for our upcoming 2024 date.

Every year, we participate in FAITHWALKERS, an event that provides us with the opportunity to strengthen our faith, build our community, and find spiritual renewal. We encourage you to stay tuned for our upcoming 2024 date for this impactful event, where together we will continue our journey of faith, learning, and connection with God and one another.


The imagery of a shepherd leading his sheep speaks of the intimate relationship Jesus has with those who follow Him.  How’s your relationship with Jesus going?.  Do you hear His voice?.  Would you recognize Him if He were to speak to you?.

Faithwalkers 2023 was about hearing the voice of God.  Discovering how God speaks to us today and hearing inspiring stories of how Jesus is shepherding His people in very personal ways.

Your life matters. God has plans that you dare not miss. Distractions are all around us. But we’re Faithwalkers. We break through the clutter of life to follow the Great Shepherd of our souls — Jesus Christ.

Come ready to listen, because God will be speaking!




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